About us

Welcome to our website – Wioletta Rybkowska.
The company was established in January 2009 based on our experiences in glass machinery, starting as early as 1999, when the glass manufacturing industry was changing its image to more modern and professional. The company’s activities are focused on serving companies that deal with the production of double glazed units and cutting flat glass. We are one of the biggest suppliers of services in the area of maintenance and spare parts for this branch of industry. We specialize mostly in machines and devices of a global leader in glass machinery – the company LISEC. The experiences we have gained allow us to perform full and competent service for our customers with regard to repairs, dismounting, mounting, and start-ups of glass cutting machines, production lines for glazing, and other single machines that assist the process of manufacturing double glazed units. We cooperate with producers of spare parts in Europe and in Poland, which is why we have both original parts and substitutes in our assortment. We offer our Clients new or used parts (mostly electronics). Our position in the business and knowledge of the industry machines market have resulted in establishing trade relations with suppliers of used machinery from Western Europe. The machines we import undergo full service checks or renovations, and are then mounted in Poland or elsewhere in Western Europe. Our professionalism and competences make our Clients satisfied and are happy to use our services. We invite new Clients to cooperate with us…
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